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From: Cindy
Subject: Print and Save Lenny

" I'm Mad As Hell, And I'm NOT  Going To Take It Anymore!!!"


From: Paul Taylor
Subject: Bradford Band Spring Concert

Hi Lenny,

Bradford Band Spring Concert Wednesday, May 13th at 7:30 pm in the Bradford Auditorium. Tickets are $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students and seniors.  The Symphonic Band will present a world premier of Andromeda by senior band member Thomas Battersby.  Awards will be presented to outstanding senior students.

Paul Taylor
Band Director
Bradford High School
3700 Washington Road
Kenosha, WI 53144

From: Tom Hacker
Subject: Letter from Wounded Warrior
To: Lenny Palmer
Date: Friday, March 21st, 2009

Below is a letter from a wounded warrior requesting help from our airborne chapter. His request was honored and a check for $1,000 has been sent to him.
Tom Hacker, Treasurer
Southern Wisconsin Airborne Chapter
On April 15, 2007 my husband, SFC Jeremy D. Henderson was injured in Iraq; his injuries were a shattered Femur, Hip/Pelvis fracture, lower back compration fractures and multiple shrapnel metal wounds on his body.    I was notified of his injury on 15 April 2007 by the Doctor’s in Iraq. I was informed over the telephone by my husband and Cpt. Jackman that my husband would be going to Brook Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, TX for further treatment.    As he was being medivacted due to the seriousness of his injuries.   At this point I took a leave from my DOD employment and prepared to go to BAMC to be with my husband and care for him for an undetermined amount of time. My husband was am inpatient at BAMC from 20 April-6 - June 2007. My husband was high risk for contacting infection so BAMC wanted to get him out of there.   My husbands Orthopedic Surgeon felt comfortable doing this as he new the Chief of Ortho at Evans Army Hospital, Fort Carson our duty station.    My husband then was released to home health and me to care for on a daily basis.
My husband’s injuries left him unable to care for himself.   I then assumed the full time role as his daily caretaker. I would have to assist him with bathing, toileting, dressing transferring, administer IV antibiotics daily and wound care for him leg wounds from surgeries and shrapnel wounds. BAMC monitored my husband infection through the Home Health Nurse who took labs weekly.   My husband was discharged from IV antibiotics and the home health Nurse and Physical Therapist late June.    At this point I then would transfer my husband to the Evans Army Hospital weekly for check‐ups by the Ortho clinic for orthopedic care for his leg injury.
I continued to remain my husband’s source of care, as he was unable to do many of his ADL’s by himself.   He used crutches daily and a wheelchair as he was non‐weight bearing.   In the month of October my husband had developed more pain and feeling that his femur was hurting more, he described the pain as a stabbing, dull aching deep pain in his bone.   We addressed the Orthopedic Surgeon on several occasions over the next few months.   My husband’s pain level had brought him back to having to take Percocet for pain.
In December at one of my husbands medical appointment we again addressed the pain my husband was having and the Doctor indicated he would remove the screw above my husband’s knee which connected the femur rod that was in his leg. The Ortho Surgeon indicated that the pain was normal as it was a sign of healing process and to take it easy.
By January 2008, my husband was in so much pain that we went back to the Ortho Surgeon several times about pain and final was scheduled to have surgery 7 February to remove the screw.   The next few weeks the pain in my husband’s leg became unbearable.   He would lie in bed and  the pain would bring him to tears, he was back to using wheelchair and became so sick he could not eat and would just lie in bed.    At this point I took him into the Doctor’s demanding care.   It was then found out  by labs that my husband had become re‐infected and needed ER surgery to remove his leg hardware and he put on IV antibiotics. On 30 January 2008 my husband had surgery. He then was released home after being inpatient for a week to me to care for. I do IV antibiotics 6 times for 8 weeks minimum and wound care dressing.   My husband is unable to walk or care for himself.   We now see civilian Doctor’s in Denver, CO for my husbands care due to the misdiagnosis.   He has been diagnosed with Osteomylities, and will live with this forever and has high chances of infection and could possible loose his leg.   At this point we feel like we are back to day one. He will continue with health care as he is still under Doctor’s care.
I have remained off work and I have lost my income (apx $4000.00 a month) and at this point it is undetermined if or when I will be able to return to work due to my husbands needs.   If my husband’s medical condition does not allow him to work, I will have to be the primary income provider in the future.   The lost income and the extra expenses of traveling several times a week to Denver (about 2 hrs from our home) and extra money spent to care for our family has financially devastated us.   We also are trying to catch up from when his initial accident was as we had to pay out of pocket for air fares and expenses for travel, myself and our children’s care.   We have 3 teenage children.
My husband’s information is as follows:   SFC Jeremy D Henderson, unit assigned at injury 2-12 INF 2BCT, current unit now- Warrior Transition Unit, Fort Carson, CO. My husband served with the 506th Baker CO in Korea and Iraq from 2003-2005. 
 Tina Henderson (Wife of SFC Henderson) 
 17155 Dude Ranch Point
 Pueblo, CO 81008 
We received the check today. Thank you again so much. My husband's operation
went well, he is just in a lot of pain. To be expected though. He has a follow up
next week for the results of tests.
I will keep in touch.
Thanks, Tina

From: Nick Pulera
Subject: fund raiser
To: Lenny Palmer
Date: Friday, December 26, 2008

Lenny, the fund raiser at TG's Christmas Eve was absolutely super. You and your crew raised $3025.87 for our wounded. We are getting $3000.00 from a donor in Texas which will allow us to send out another six checks in the sum of $1000.00 each to some of the 28 other names we receoived.  Our treasurer Tom Hacker just last week sent out five $1000.00 checks to five wounded. That will now put the money that WLIP and all of you there helped raise for them to $52,000.00. Thank you all very much. It will go to good use. I understand a ten or eleven year old girl came in and emptied her piggy bank in the jar. I wish we could find out who she is. I want to thank all of the generous donors for making eleven more wounded and their famlies a little happer this Christmas hoilday. Our chapter will continue to collect donations for our wounded as long as the war continues. Please don't forget them in your prayers. God bless you all and have a very happy New Year.
Nick Pulera


This email is to advise you that ten checks for $1,000.00 have been mailed to the following.


The Southern Wisconsin Airborne chapter expresses our deep gratitude to you, Radio Station WLIP and the great listeners within your broadcasting area. This same gratitude goes to the businesses that have contributed substantially.

The following letters below are from a couple of soldiers who received the checks.



Wow. It couldn't have come at a better time with my daughter returning home, my denial of TSGLI, vehicle repairs, and the holiday’s right around the corner. As you should expect, I truly can't thank you and your chapter enough. You have a fantastic group of people and please, I urge you, if there is anything I can do to help support your chapter, let me know. I was just telling my wife last night that I would like to give some of my time to help out others who are less fortunate. She mentioned a homeless man, who appears to be a disabled vet, as he rides around in a power wheelchair. I think we will end up making some food for him sometime and getting to know him and see if there is anything else we can do for him. The only problem with this is that it is only one person. My wife also suggested we volunteer to help out at a homeless shelter/kitchen, serving food to homeless people, preferably vets, on Thanksgiving Day. I think this would give me the sense of giving back to my community that I long for. If you can recommend anything else, especially for your chapter, please let me know. I thank all of you very much and look forward to receiving this check and putting it to good use.

Steve Grant



I thank you for your effort. Although we really could have used it, we are thankful to have food on our table, a roof over our head, clothing on our backs, and the happiness that comes with an almost 19 year marriage and career in the Army. I am continuing the Medical Board process and am doing all that I can to finish out the remaining time I need to retirement. I am fearful I may never be able to join the work force again, at least not on a full time basis. I never thought I would put my family in this situation and it continues to be a struggle every day. I appreciate all that you do, not only for my family, but the many people you and your chapter have assisted. I hope you continue to receive the thanks you deserve. Please express my gratitude to all of the members of your chapter. Thank you again for your consideration in this matter. Until specific things change in my life, unfortunately, there will be a need for continued assistance. Should this opportunity arise in the future, I would like to request to be placed at the BOTTOM of the list, giving those that haven't received or are in more dire straits than my family and I. I wish you the best in your continued efforts and hope to hear from you regularly with your insights as to the issues that are surrounding our country (the Social Security email comes to mind).

God Bless,
Steve and Lori Grant


Dear Paul,

I am an infantry rifle man who got wounded in Afghanistan. My mission was to win the hearts and minds of Afghanistan locals and separate the Afghans from the insurgents during this mission I encountered an IED and I was injured and got my right arm amputated, my jaw blasted and almost lost my right arm and my life. Since, this event I have been in the hospital and will be attending long term therapy, learning to walk and using my new arm and I am only at the beginning of my journey. I have heard about your program that helps wounded warriors please respond to my email.

Thank you for your time,
Salvador Ramirez


The Paul referred to in the letter refers to one of our chapter members who has retired and moved to San Antonio. His name is Paul Supko and he is our go to man in Texas. Paul and his wife Grace have visited the troops at military hospitals on numerous occasions. They have met with all the soldiers who have received the checks. The regular Army has to deal with security issues of giving out soldiers names. I’m sure you can understand why. We value Paul’s judgment very highly in selecting the recipients.

You and the folks who have contributed can rest assured that each and every name selected was deserving of this gift. I am also attaching some photos of those who received the checks. Again, thank you for all your support.

God bless you
God bless America

Thomas E. Hacker Treasurer,
Southern Wisconsin All Airborne Chapter
82nd Airborne Division Association, Inc.

Lenny, our chapter received these three emails I thought you and WLIP might like to read. Two including this one are from SPC 4 Vincent Mannions father. Vincent Mannion is one of the first servicemen we sent checks to. He was a paratrooper and was at Fort Bragg this past week for All American Week with his family. He received wounds to his head and elsewhere. I am sending you the two emails, one from his father and one from one of our chapter members who also attended and met him. They are very touching especially the one from our member Bob Morgan.
Nick Pulera
Southern Wisc. All Airborne Chapter
82nd Airborne Division Association

This is the seccond letter from his dad.

 I and my family just returned from Fort Bragg from a very memorable and momentous display of courage and sacrifice I have ever witness in my life by not only my son but the 82nd Airborne Division.. My son Vincent returned to his unit 14 months after being severely wounded. On hand , were his friends to meet him SP4 Andy Taylor, SP4 Jared Wardell, Sgt . Hart. and his whole company including Captain Greg Sakimura,  his Company Commander. Friends from Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval , 82nd Commander General David Rodriguez and his wife Ginny, Colonel Paul Bricker who commands the 82d Airborne Combat Aviation Brigade. 82nd CSM Capel . 82nd Water Reed Liaison SFC James Babin and SFC Jonathon Mackey. LTC Michael Lopez. and 82nd Wounded warrior Committee Vincent 's Brigade Commander Bryan Owens , Deputy Commander Edmondson and 319 FA Commander DiRuzza  . 2-505th Battalion Commanders' LTC.  Leung and LTC .Zeisman  Captain Sakimura provided us with 2 excellent escorts in LT. Keith Weaver and SSG John Sastre . Bert Schmitz from the 505th Panther Association was on hand to greet us .Vincent also met MOH Recipient from the Korean War Rudy Hernandez and President Bush welcomed all the families.

Vincent back with his Company B-2-505the PIR and friend SP4 Andy Taylor , 14 months after his injury.
Vincent's Battalion ( 2-505th PIR) made the jump into Sicily Drop zone and his company did the JRTX assault.
President Bush was on hand to review the troops and unveil the new Global War on Terrorism Monument. He also awarded 3 Distinguished Service Crosses . 2 of those medals were awarded to 2 members of Vincent's Battalion ( 2-505th PIR) . SGT Chris Corriveau and SGT. Eric Moser who were part of a 4 man sniper team surrounded by hundreds of terrorists . The trapped team killed dozens of insurgents and only half of them made it off the roof top , Corrieiveau and Moser until reinforcements from the battalion came to their aid.
5 Silver Stars were also awarded by the President,  one to SSG Peter Rohrs of the 82nd Aviation Brigade for rescuing 12 critically wounded soldiers while under fire in Afghanistan.

President Bush and General Rodriguez review the Panther Brigade

Vincent and his mother with 82nd Commanding general David Rodriguez at the new memorial.
The courage and valor displayed by the 82nd was incredible. If the public ever knew the sacrifices these men and women make. You don't hear any of these soldiers complaining about the war or having to go back. They know their mission and they do it.  The country is very fortunate to have a unit like this. President Bush was at Fort Bragg all day and gave outstanding praise to the division for its valor.

Guest Speaker LT. Gen Vines couldn't have said it better when he said he was watching the news and someone who made a last second basketball shot to win the game was described by the announcer as a hero for making the winning shot . What a laugh !! The real hero's were at Fort Bragg that day including my son Vincent.
God Bless America.

The Final Chapter and a new beginning.
Korean War Veterans Association
National Director
Jeff Brodeur
Father of SP4 Vincent Mannion
B-2-505th PIR 82nd Airborne Division
WIA- 3-11-07 Tikrit Iraq.

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Lenny this is the letter from our member Bob Morgan who met Vincent. His family wanted to thank us for what we did. How unselfish is that. It just goes to show that our young men and women think more of Americans then they do about themselves. We need to be thanking him for his sacrifice and those of all our servicemen and women. These are our true heros

I met with the family of the wounded soldier we sent a check to.  The noise was loud and my hearing is poor, so I didn't clearly hear his name.  I will never forget his face.  He was sitting in a wheel chair, and had difficulty speaking and raising his hand.
He raised his right hand , it was closed in a fist.  I tried to shake hands, but his father told me the new greeting is to touch fists.  I can't believe they wanted to thank us after the sacrafice he gave.
I told him we wanted to thank him. I turned and walked away and realized I had tears running down my face.  I was never so honored.