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Lenny Palmer is one of a kind
He's always right, you know
He's sometimes angry -- sometimes fun
But always has a good show

Lenny adds much knowledge
of history, movies and books
But his callers add just as much
They're politicians, teachers, and cooks

Shirley is Lenny's biggist fan
a regular on WLIP
Without a daily call from her
it wouldn't be the same to me

Tom is filled with political facts
superdelegates and party rules
I've learned so much from listening to him
It's like going to political school

The School Marm is always charming
so knowledgeable and smart
She often emphasizes her point
with literature and art

Jason is so pragmatic
discussions always filled with facts
He always gets me thinking
My brain is filled to the max

Sometimes Lenny laughs at Bob
but he advocates for our schools
If everyone was as active as he
we might better like the rules

Mr. Switzerland updates us on sports
who should we bet on and why
Taxi Bob and Spanky have street smarts
the perfect neighborhood spies

Mr. Know It All is sure of his views
Mary Kay is looking for work
Sherry is considerate and kind
and some people are plain jerks

Controversy is always on Lenny's show
It's certainly never boring
With interviews, arguments, and laughter
The ratings will just keep soaring

-Ruth from Kenosha