County Budget Levy Could Rise

The Kenosha County tax levy could rise 2-point-75 percent. That’s according to Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser who announced his proposed 2018 budget last night. The tax levy will go from 63-point-9 million dollars to 65-point-6 million dollars. That’s a rate of 4-dollars-96 cents per 1-thousand dollars of equalized value. A 200-thousand dollar home would be charged 992 dollars from the Kenosha County part of their tax bill. Kreuser said that the budget would see total expenditures rise 2-point-87 percent to just over 238-million dollars. That’s a more than 6.5 million dollar increase from this year’s budget. Kreuser says the budget’s goals include raising the county’s bond rating to AAA level, moving the fleet maintenance facility for Joint Services, giving an updated work space to the Emergency Operations Center, and updating the 911 system to include texting capability.



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