Electors Approve 2017-18 Budget

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP NEWS)–The Kenosha Unified School District budget was passed by the district’s electors last night. The exact tax levy increase is not yet known but the electors approved the district levying the largest increase allowed by law. District officials said at the meeting that the levy could be over seven percent higher than last year. That comes to 10-dollars 40 cents for every 1-thousand dollars of assessed value. That preliminary number would translate to a levy worth over 93 million dollars, over 76 million dollars of which will go to the everyday operating costs of the district. Another nearly 16 million dollars will go towards KUSD’s debt. In all this year’s district budget will be 323 million dollars, 252 million dollars of that is projected to be from the district’s general fund. The tax levy could be lowered depending on the amount of aid the district receives from the state. The amount will be known by the middle of next month.


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