KEA Says They Were Blocked From Greeting New Teachers

The Kenosha Education Association says they were not allowed to greet new teachers before new teacher orientation. Some union officials expressed their displeasure at last night’s School Board meeting over the issue. The union alleges that they were not allowed a spot in the Indian Trial parking lot while the new teachers were arriving yesterday morning even though they were granted a license to do so. Later in the morning they were reportedly not allowed out of a classroom they were using in the school until all of the new teachers were in the school’s auditorium. KUSD Superintendent Sue Savaglio-Jarvis said that the matter was a miscommunication during the meeting. Board Member Gary Kunich said in a Facebook post Wednesday morning that the union did not apply for a license the requisite three weeks in advance-only filling out an application on Monday. Kunich says that the last minute request was approved but that the part where the union requested a spot in the parking lot might have been missed and there wasn’t enough time to correct the mistake. The group will be allowed to be in the school’s parking lot this morning to greet the new teachers arriving for today’s session.



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