KUSD Revises Policy For Naming Facilities

The Kenosha Unified School Board has approved a revised policy for naming buildings and other spaces on district property. Under the new plan an ad hoc committee would still be formed from interested parties who would then decide on a name and offer it in advisory form to the school board, which could then approve it or pick something else. Among the changes facilities can now be named after well known geographical areas but still any person nominated for the honor has to be deceased for at least two years and be of exemplary moral character. The policy combines two others that formerly governed how facilities and spaces were named. The adjustments came after controversy surrounding the name of Bradford Stadium. That was the name the ad hoc committee approved and advised the school board to adopt. The board instead opted to name the stadium after the Rev. Olen Arrington. It later reversed its decision. Under the changes the school board still would have the right to make a similar decision in the future-picking a facility name even if the advisory committee did not recommend it.



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