Man Armed with Machete Allegedly Attacks Dog

A man who was allegedly angry that a neighbor’s dog attacked his chickens now faces disorderly conduct charges after deputies say he attacked the dog with a machete. The incident happened Saturday afternoon in Trevor in the area of 264th avenue and 106th street. When deputies arrived on the scene they told the man to drop his weapon. He initially complied and dropped the machete but then picked it up and reportedly dropped it a second time when the deputy asked him again at gunpoint. He reportedly told investigators that his neighbor’s dog attacked his chicken and that he had the right to protect his property and kill dog if it attacked him. At the that point the reports say the dog was being held by another neighbor who said the dog was in the road, not in the alleged attacker’s yard when he went after it. Many of the neighbors said they felt threatened by the man, who reportedly continued to yell at them from the squad car. He’s charged with disorderly conduct while armed.



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