Man Charged in Attempted Child Abduction

A Kenosha man faces charges after he allegedly tried to abduct an 4 year old girl. 27 year old Benjamin Spasogevich Lee is charged with attempted abduction a child and disorderly conduct. According to court reports, Spasogevich ┬áLee made the alleged attempt in a neighborhood near 60th Ave and 80th place. Witnesses say the suspect was dragging a four year old girl by the wrist Thursday afternoon. A 12 year old neighbor who knew the girl came to the rescue, grabbing the girl away and alerting her parents who called police. Spasogevich┬áLee denied the charges and said that he was only talking to the girl. He’s also accused of making inappropriate comments to children in the neighborhood in the past. He’s is currently being held on 15-thousand dollars bond.



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