Sheriff Beth: No New Bell Investigation

Sheriff David Beth says there will be no new investigation into the 2004 death of 21 year old Michael Bell Jr by a Kenosha Police Officer. The announcement comes after Michael Bell Sr. used the retired judge’s report to try and pinpoint a pattern of corruption in the Kenosha Police Department. Beth disputed that in a letter that he sent to Bell-and the media Friday. He also revealed that he contacted every other sheriff in the state to take on the case. Only one responded and agreed that there was no new evidence in the 2004 case and so there was no reason to have a new investigation. 13 years ago the officer involved in the shooting was cleared after a two day internal investigation by the department. Since then Bell lobbied to create a state law that requires an outside department investigate such cases. He also received a 1.75 million dollar settlement from the city in 2010.



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