Dr Destruction’s Big Top Radio Broadcast

  • Monday-Friday 12:00am-4:00am

Dr. Destruction’s Big Top Radio Broadcast is a eclectic Talk Radio Show featuring Art, Music , Late Night Horror Hosts and Horror Stars. The Show is Hosted by Dr. Destruction and Lilith Lovecraft. Dr Destruction known for Bands , Haunted Houses, and the longest running Wisconsin Horror Host Show Dr . Destruction’s Crimson Theatre . Millennial Lilith Lovecraft brings amazing knowledge and energy to the program. The combination of the Dr and Lilith keeps the Show rolling on it’s many subjects. Guests have included Rob Zombie , Sylvain Sylvain ,Cheetah Chrome, Tom Laughlin ( Billy Jack), Sami Yaffa ¬†and Steve Conte. In addition some bid names in late night Horror Hosting , John Stanley , Svengoolie, Son Of Ghoul, Stella Desire and Count Gor Duval. Kenosha’s Mayor has even been on the Show. ¬†Lilith has Her very Own segment ( Lilith Love Craft’s Pro Wrestling Report . Each week Show dives head first into the underground , unusual , and macabre. We are always looking for Artists. Music, Horror Films , Authors and Film Makers , as We journey each week into the hidden World Around Us.