Somers Tables Islamic Center Plan, Defers Concrete Crushing Discussion

Somers has tabled a plan that would have rezoned the area east of 100th Avenue and Highway A for an Islamic Center. In a heated meeting last night neighbors railed against the plan alleging that the group planning the center might have terrorist connections or might try to bring refugees to the area. Some questioned the number of people the center would serve. The three level facility would have a worship area, classrooms, a play area, and living quarters. Supporters defended the group saying that Muslims are already a vital and involved part of the community. Kenosha has had a similar facility on the corner of Highways H and K since the 1970’s. The center’s organizers say it would be open to all members of the community no matter their ethnicity or religion.

Somers has also deferred a rezoning measure that would allow a plan to open a concrete crushing facility near highways L and EA to their June 12 meeting. Neighbors have started a petition to block the proposal saying the facility would create dust and noise that they don’t want near their homes. A.W Oakes Construction would also build an office building and a space for vehicle fleet maintenance at the site.


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