Somers Trustee and Local Bar Owners Square Off After Meeting

The Somers Village Board meeting turned heated last night as a board member and the owners of a local tavern butted heads. The Somers House was approved for “Micro” Wrestling event by a 5-1 vote. The lone dissenter was Village Trustee Joe Cardinali. During the discussion on the license Cardinali alleged that the Somers House owners were bullying their neighbors, making sure they would not speak out against the event. He also referred to them as “gangsters.” 11 out of the 12 public speakers at the meeting spoke in favor of the event. Published reports this morning say that the conflict between the owners and Cardinali continued with verbal jabs allegedly coming from both parties and with the trustee reportedly hurling profanities at the owners. Cardinali told the Kenosha News after the verbal altercation that he apologized but accused the owners of starting the fight. In a statement to the paper, a representative of the family who owns the Somers House says he doesn’t accept the apology and that Cardinali has a “vendetta” against the establishment.



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