Somers Village President Demands Apology

The Somers Village Board member who was involved in a verbal altercation with the owners of a local tavern after this week’s meeting will be asked to apologize. In a statement, Somers Village President George Stoner said that he hasn’t spoken with Trustee Joe Cardinali about the situation but he expects the Board to address it at its May 16th work session. Stoner also says that he is demanding an apology. The altercation began after a contentious meeting in which the Somers House was approved to host a “Micro” Wrestling event. Cardinali was the lone dissenting vote and said neighbors who opposed the event didn’t come to the meeting because they were afraid of repercussions from the bar’s owners. The event was eventually canceled because the license passed was for hours that didn’t match the planned hours for the event.

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