State Senate Passes Pair of Bills

(AP)–The Wisconsin state Senate has passed a bill setting up stricter cost reporting requirements for road projects. The bill comes after a state audit in January revealed the state Department of Transportation underestimated ongoing project costs by more than $3 billion. The Legislature’s audit committee drafted a bill that calls for DOT to supply a full project cost estimate to the Transportation Projects Commission that includes costs before the project is approved, the effects of inflation and unexpected costs.

The state Senate has also approved a bill that would eliminate requirements that 16- and 17-year-olds get parental permission to work. The Republican-authored measure would eliminate the requirement that children 16 and older obtain work permits that require a parent’s written consent. Republicans argue the bill would make it easier for children without parents to work. Democrats maintain the bill would remove parental protection, set children up for exploitation and decrease state and local revenues by $730,000.


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