Wirch Leads Protest Over Tax Law

It was another day of protests in Racine Tuesday, this time over the new tax changes. Led by Democratic State Senator Bob Wirch and a group of other protesters, the gathering voiced their displeasure for the new tax law changes. Wirch told the group that he is concerned that the 1-point-5 trillion dollar bill passed late last year will add to the deficit, saying it makes it harder to pay the country’s debt down. Wirch also said that he thinks that it’s bad policy and called it a tax giveaway for the rich. The law will cut taxes on corporations and for the wealthy. The middle class will see a smaller tax reduction as well, with estimates saying families who make between 50 and 75 thousand dollars will get around 900 dollars a year compared to the 70-thousand dollars people who make more than a million will get back. The Tax Policy Center also points out that the middle class cuts will expire in less than a decade and those making less than 75-thousand dollars could see a tax increase. As for yesterday’s protest, it was held downtown and was marked with a giant inflatable chicken made to look like the president.



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