Woman Charged with Allegedly Hitting Woman Repeatedly with Her Car

Kenosha Police say 23 year old woman allegedly ran over another woman repeatedly with her car. Nieama Hunter is being held on bond after police say the woman was found in a parking lot of the Lakeshore Apartments on Sheridan Road and 10th avenue around 4 PM on December 17th. According to the police reports, the woman had a broken leg that was injured to a point that the bone was sticking out. The victim reportedly told police that the suspect had been arguing with the victim leading up to the incident. Another witness told authorities that the victim was in the car with Hunter when the fighting began. Hunter told the woman to leave the car, with the victim hanging on the outside of the vehicle while the suspect drove away. The reports say that Hunter allegedly spun the car until the woman fell off. The victim’s leg was then run over approximately six times. Hunter is being held on 25-thousand dollars bond.


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