Woman Charged With Ramming into Parked Car

A Kenosha woman is facing hit and run charges after she allegedly rammed her car into that of another woman. 31 year old Delisha Alexander faces two charges of felony hit and run involving injury. The charges stem from an incident on December 5th that happened outside of the Chavez Learning Center on 27th avenue and 63rd street. A woman on the scene told police that a woman in her car in the parking lot had honked her horn at her. When the victim didn’t move her car Alexander reportedly honked a second time and then made contact with the back of the victim’s parked car, sending her three year old daughter into the back of the drivers seat. Alexander then allegedly drove away but returned later in the day. The woman was able to get a picture of Alexander’s license plate and give it to police. Alexander faces up to 18 months in prison if convicted. She due back in court early next month.


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