18 Year Old Charged With 17 Year Old’s Murder

RACINE, WI (WLIP)–An 18 year old Racine man is charged with first degree homicide after the shooting death of a 17 year old.

The weekend shooting happened at an apartment on Clairmont Street in Racine where a party was taking place. According to the criminal complaint, 18 year old Joshua Daniel allegedly shot and killed fellow party-goer 17 year old Dontrell Bush.

Witnesses say the two did not know each other, but Daniel reportedly told authorities he thought that Bush was reaching for a gun when the two were introduced, and that others at the party were “setting him up” because they were “smiling and looking at him” when he walked into the apartment.

The witnesses at the scene-all teens-said that Bush was not armed. Daniel is in jail on 100-thousand dollars bond.