Absentee Ballots in the Wisconsin Primary

New numbers from the Wisconsin Elections Commission show voters have returned at least three-quarters of the absentee ballots they requested in time for them to count in the state’s spring election and more could be in the mail. According to the elections commission, as of 8 p.m. Tuesday voters had requested nearly 1.29 million absentee ballots. Clerks had issued nearly 1.28 million absentee ballots and had recorded more than 990-thousand ballots returned. That’s about a 77% return rate. In Kenosha, more than 20-thousand absentee ballots were returned by Election Day, while more than 10-thousand people went to the polls in person. That amounts to about 40 percent turnout locally. Clerks will accept any ballots postmarked Tuesday that they receive through the mail until April 13, which means clerks could be getting more ballots in the mail in the coming days.