Age Coronavirus Stats in Illinois

(Chicago, IL) As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the elderly continue to be the most affected in Illinois, despite a rise in cases among young people.

According to stats from the Illinois Department of Public Health, people 70-plus in Illinois make up just over 12% of confirmed cases, but just over 68% of the state’s death toll. People ages 0-60 make up a clear majority of the state’s Covid-19 instances at over 75%, but make up just over 13% of deaths.

Several areas have been warning about a rise in cases among young people as schools make decisions on what to do for the upcoming year. People in Illinois aged 0-29 make up a quarter of the state’s cases, but just 0.4% of the death toll.

In Lake County, that same age group makes up 28% of county cases, but make up less than 5 total deaths.