KENOSHA, WI–A Kenosha alderperson paid a fine for not getting proper licensing from the city for home repairs. 4th district alderwoman Holly Kangas said in a statement that the work dates to 2014, before she was in office.

Kangas owned a now shuttered business that bought, repaired, and then sold houses. She says that she assumed that a hired contractor took out the proper licenses with the city, but they failed to do so. She paid a 561-dollar fine.


Here is the full statement from Alderwoman Kangas:

Recently it was brought to our attention that during the process of buying and selling homes, we made the mistake of not ensuring all permits were pulled either by us or by the licensed contractors we hired.

While some permits were obtained a few were missed. This was not done intentionally and has resulted in citations being issued by the City of Kenosha which we immediately paid in full. We did not ask for nor did we receive any special treatment.

Going forward we will follow the permitting process carefully and verify all necessary permits are obtained prior to initiation of any project. We apologize for this oversight.

Russ Kangas & Holly Kangas, Alderperson District 4