Anderson Homicide Trial Jurors Hear Testimony About Jailhouse Confession

By Pete Serzant, WLIP News

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–An alleged jailhouse confession was front and center in the trial of Zachariah Anderson.

A man who was a cellmate of Anderson’s for about five weeks testified that the suspect confessed to killing Rosalio Gutierrez.

Marquan Washington says the confession followed an incident in which Anderson shouted in his sleep the words “die, die, die…”

When Anderson woke up Washington says he questioned him about it, and the charges against him.

Washington testified that’s when Anderson confessed to the murder.

Washington also alleged that Anderson had earned the nickname “Houdini” for having the reputation for making a body disappear.

Gutierrez’s body has never been found.

Anderson’s attorneys called Washington’s credibility into question by pointing out that he could receive leniency in sentencing.

Washington pleaded guilty to charges in a separate case.

Anderson is charged with first degree intentional homicide and stalking in Gutierrez disappearance in 2020.