Another Vacant Downtown Building May Get New Life

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—A private developer who is working on at least one Downtown Kenosha redevelopment may take on another.

Witico Development may purchase the now vacant building on 57th Street and Sixth Avenue, known to longtime Kenoshans as the Kresge Building. It’s been vacant since 2005 and city officials were making plans to tear it down.

No firm plan for the building is in place, but it most likely will follow the path of other buildings of its type and be renovated for commercial use on the first floor, with more private space upstairs.

The Kenosha News reports that Witico is a Kenosha based redeveloper that is working on the old Barden’s Building downtown. The city has agreed to withhold a raze order on the Kresge building until details on a new plan are worked out.