Antaramian Calls For Peace and Racial Justice

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Kenosha’s mayor says that the reason behind the nationwide protests over the past week should not be lost because of looting and violence. John Antaramian called for peace and racial justice in a statement released Tuesday.

The mayor was one of the speakers at an event held at Grace Lutheran Church Tuesday in which George Floyd was memorialized. Floyd died while in police custody late last month in Minneapolis.

Before the event, Antaramian told WLIP’s Happenings Q and A that when it comes to racial equality and relationships there’s a lot of work to do, even in Kenosha.



A “Kneel For Nine” event was held in Kenosha’s Civic Center Park, where hundreds of people peacefully took a knee for nine minutes, which is about the amount of time an officer kept his knee on Floyd’s neck before he died.