As Kenosha Battles Crime Mayor Says State Law Makes Cleaning Up Troubled Neighborhoods Harder

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–As Kenosha continues to deal with the recent spate of violence with 8 people shot in three days, many are questioning the city’s efforts at cleaning up troubled neighborhoods in the inner city.

But Mayor John Antaramian says that state law has made those efforts more difficult than ever.

He told WLIP’s Happenings Q and A in a recent interview that the state legislature has made it harder to go after problematic landlords.

Antaramian says that buying out problem properties is more expensive than before.

The mayor says that problem does not lie with rentals vs owner occupied homes, although a balance between the two is needed.

Antaramian pinned the blame on landlords that neglect properties and resist city efforts to clean those properties up.

Listen to the full interview: