As Rittenhouse Jury Deliberations Begin; Kenosha Waits For a Verdict

KENOSHA, WI (AP & WLIP)–Jurors are set to begin deliberating Tuesday at Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial after two weeks of testimony in which they were given starkly different portrayals of his actions the night he shot three men on the streets of Kenosha. Prosecutors say Rittenhouse was a “wannabe soldier” who provoked a confrontation.

The defense says he feared for his life and acted in self-defense after being ambushed by a “crazy person.”

Eighteen jurors have been hearing the case; the 12 who will decide Rittenhouse’s fate and the six who will be designated alternates will be determined by the drawing of names from a hopper in the courtroom.

Rittenhouse, then 17, shot two men to death and wounded a third during the third night of the Kenosha Riots.

Judge Schroeder, already the subject of scrutiny and threats for various actions in the case, drew attention again on Monday for his handling of jury instructions.

Governor Tony Evers has activated 500 National Guard troops in case of any trouble if and when a verdict in the case is announced.