Beth Apologizes for “Emotional” Comments

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth apologized for comments he made last week. During a press conference Thursday (1/25/18) Beth called suspects that had allegedly been in a high speed chase “a cancer to our society.” He also said that some suspects should be stopped from “…going out and impregnating ten women”…”we have to get to the point where we will no longer put up with the garbage people that fill our communities.” In an apology letter Beth said that he “wanted to publicly apologize for some of the comments,’ he made saying that  that teenager who was hit in the crash that ended the chase “reminded me of my (16 year old) daughter who just received her drivers license less than a month ago…” Beth said that he should have kept he comments better directed toward the incident itself and that he shouldn’t have allowed his emotions to get the best of him. Beth also said that he met with two members of the Kenosha NAACP. Beth wrote that he will continue to be passionate in his defense for the vulnerable and victims of crimes.

Read the complete letter below:


Beth Has Tough Words For Chase Suspects



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