Beth Wants Schools to Change Fire Drill Protocols

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says that schools should change how they do fire drills in an effort to prevent school shootings. In a letter sent to Kenosha Unified Officials late last week, Beth said that pulling the fire alarm and having students evacuate can leave them vulnerable to a shooter, which is what happened in Parkland, Florida. However state law requires that schools hold a fire drill at least once a month. Beth suggests that in the case of an unscheduled fire alarm, school staff should confirm that there is a fire before having students evacuate. He also says there should be a designated staff member who makes sure that it’s safe for students leave the school. In cases of smaller fires that are contained Beth says that students should stay in the school, away from the fire. It’s unclear if Beth’s suggestions will be implemented. In the February 14th Florida shooting, the alleged gunman pulled the fire alarm and began his attack as the students were out of the classroom and evacuating the school.



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