Bogdala, Spottswood Move on in Kenosha Mayoral Race, Other Election News

(Kenosha, WI) The Spring General Election ballot is set. In yesterday’s primary Alderman David Bogdala was the top vote getter with 4-thousand-288 ballots cast according to unofficial results. Lydia Spottswood was next with 3-thousand-398 votes. Spottswood and Bogdala will face each other in the general election April 2nd. In the lone county-wide race for Circuit Court Judge Branch 3, Frank Gagliardi received 8-thousand-117 votes. He will face Heather Iverson who received 6-thousand-664 ballots. You can find all of yesterday’s results on the Political Hub page at wlip dot com. 

The Kenosha Unified School Board race was not on Tuesday’s ballot but there has been a shake-up of candidates running. Angela Cassity has suspended her campaign while a write-in candidate has been announced. Robin Cullen announced the write-in effort on social media. Cassity’s name will still appear on the April 2nd Ballot. Seven candidates besides Cullen are running for four open seats. Because of the unusually large number of open seats no primary was needed to trim down the number of candidates.

More on the results can be found at our Political Hub Page (Click here)

Peter Serzant, WLIP News (2-21-24)