All students and staff at Lance Middle School in Kenosha have been evacuated after a bomb threat was called in shortly after 10:30 this morning. According to a statement from Kenosha Unified… 

“Lance Middle School has been evacuated due to a bomb threat that was received in the school office shortly after 10:30 a.m. All students and staff have been evacuated and moved to a safe location while transportation is being arranged that will move them to Mahone Middle School where they will await pickup and/or end of day transportation. We are working closely with the Kenosha Police Department to investigate the threat and to complete a safety check of the building. We will provide updates as they become available.
We ask that parents/guardians who want to pick their child up do so by bringing a photo ID to the Mahone Middle School office at or after noon. Please do not arrive before 12 p.m. as we are working to safely transport all staff and students to Mahone at this time. Bag lunches will be served while students await pickup or dismissal from Mahone Middle School.
Lance students who have not been picked up and typically walk to and from school will be transported back to the building at the end of the day so long as the building has been cleared by KPD so students may safely walk home as usual. Students who have not been picked up and use yellow or city bus transportation will be picked up at Mahone and transported home via their usual route.
Lance will stay closed for the remainder of the day and after school activities are canceled.
Again, students and staff have been evacuated and will be transported to Mahone MIddle School while the investigation and safety check take place. Please do not arrive at Mahone prior to noon to pick up your children.
We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding as our staff works to ensure a safe, smooth transition.
We will share more details as they become available. Thank you.”