Carthage College Announces Cuts to Staff & Programs; Protests and Petitions Oppose Change

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Cuts at Carthage College have become the source of protests. Carthage officials announced cuts to faculty and courses last week as the college deals with the financial fallout of the pandemic.

A proposal in front of the college board would reorganize different departments within the institution, with three up for elimination. Those are classics, philosophy, and the so-called “Great Ideas” department. As many as 30 professors would be laid off.

Carthage officials had initially said that the changes would not affect current students but that was later clarified. Several petitions and in person protests over the change have been organized.

One petition garnered more than 5-hundred signatures and a protest Sunday was attended by about thirty people.

The board will consider the proposal in the next few weeks.