Carthage Faculty Votes Against Added Work Load

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–An increased workload for no extra pay has led the Carthage College faculty to vote to censure members of the college’s administration.

The censure passed with 81% of the vote at a meeting of members on Wednesday.

A vote to ask for the extra workload to be relieved passed with 85% of the vote.

Under a plan Carthage introduced in August, faculty members with tenure or on track for tenure must add one course to their workload every three years, while contract members must add one course each year and two courses every third year.

Carthage added the change to offset the anticipated drop in enrollment in coming years-the same problem that is leading Kenosha Unified Schools to introduce more school closures and contractions.

While the censure of Carthage President John Swallow and Provost David Timmerman is an official statement of disapproval from the facility members, it’s not clear what the next steps might be.