Charges Filed After Road Rage Incident

Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–A 25-year-old Kenosha man, Shane Ryan Brown, faces multiple criminal charges after an alleged road rage incident earlier this month.

Brown was charged in Kenosha County Circuit Court with felonies of second-degree recklessly endangering safety and hit-and-run involving injury, along with misdemeanors of battery, disorderly conduct, and intimidation of a victim.

He posted a $2,000 cash bond and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 28.

The incident occurred on Friday night around 8 p.m. at 30th St. and 19th Ave.

Brown allegedly attacked another man with a baseball bat, grabbed his phone and neck, and ran him over with his SUV before fleeing the scene.

The victim showed police a video of the SUV and reported injuries to his back, shoulder, and jaw.

A witness confirmed seeing two men arguing and one with a baseball bat.

Brown reportedly admitted to the altercation, explaining he was provoked by aggressive driving from the other man.

He claimed he feared the man might have a weapon, prompting him to confront him with the bat instead of calling the police.

Brown also admitted to punching the man but did not consider calling 911 after the incident.