Child Pulled From Lake Michigan

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–A child was pulled from Lake Michigan last night after apparently being lost in the water.

Kenosha Police say they and the Kenosha Dive Team responded to the area of the Lake Michigan shoreline near the mouth of the Pike River by the Bandshell.

Initial scanner reports were that multiple children may have been missing…all but one were accounted for once first responders arrived.

Police report that the child rescued from the lake was taken to the hospital but their condition is not known.

Few other details are available.

The area where the mouth of Pike River meets Lake Michigan is particularly deadly for swimming and warnings against going in the water have been posted there.

After a series on drownings  in that area in 2018, the Kenosha City government supported a series of safety and educational efforts to prevent further tragedy.

The city also installed a series of life rings to aid in saving people who are in distress in the water.