KENOSHA, WI–The city of Kenosha may need to borrow more money to pay for expected changes in its recycling program.

As we reported earlier, the city would need to spend seven million dollars to switch the old system which used blue plastic bags to blue containers which would collect the loose recyclables.

Under Mayor John Antaramian’s proposed budget released last week, that money would come from increasing the city’s borrowing from 16 to 24 million dollars next year. That amount would go down over time.

The city could save around 1 million dollars a year under the new system with savings coming from reduced recycling, personnel and fuel costs.

The city’s portion of your property tax bill will increase by more than two-point-eight percent. Now that the budget has been released, committees of the Kenosha Common Council will work on and review the proposal.

It could be approved by early December.