Committee Approves Changes to Mask Resolution

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—The Kenosha License and Permit Committee approved changes to a proposed resolution that would have required employees in restaurants and bars to wear masks.

The changes to the proposal now makes those requirements…recommendations. It would also ask businesses to post their mask wearing policy. The amendments passed 3-2 with alderpersons Wilson, Juliana, and Ruffalo voting “Yes” and alderpersons Kennedy and Siel voting “No.”

Kenosha 1st District Alderman Eric Haugaard told the committee that he felt the requirements were not enforceable and would put different businesses on different standards.



In his dissent, 10th district Alderman Anthony Kennedy says that the mask resolution needs the force of law.


Additionally, a typo in the draft of the resolution listed an effective date of today…that was removed by the committee. The Kenosha Common Council could take up the measure next week.