Conservation Group Opposes Foxconn Water Plan

(Wisconsin News Connection)–As part of the deal being proposed for Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn to build a huge plant in southeast Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker is proposing that the city of Racine be allowed to divert seven million gallons of Lake Michigan water every day. The water would be used in the manufacture of high-tech electronic screens. Conservation groups are opposed to the plan, saying it’s just the latest move to undercut the state’s environmental laws. Ryan Billingham is with the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

“I think it’s important that people understand the impact that Foxconn is going to have on the state. It’s not just this particular thing, it’s an accumulation of damage – not just giving away Great Lakes water, but really trying to break apart and degrade the very spirit of the Great Lakes Compact.”

The compact is a multi-state bipartisan agreement regarding the use of water from Lake Michigan. Walker and Republicans say much of the water, which is the equivalent of 875 tanker trucks per day, will be returned to the lake after treatment, and that the Foxconn plant will be a huge boost to the state’s economy.


-Tim Morrissey Reporting



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