Couple At the Center of Controversial Arrest Hires High-Profile Attorney; Suspect in Hit and Run in Court

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The Zion family at the center of a controversial interaction with Kenosha Police has hired a new high powered attorney.

Jay-Z, the rap legend behind Roc Nation, has helped Jermelle English Jr and Shanya Boyd hire attorney Alex Spiro.

Spiro has previously represented different high profile personalities.

According to a Thursday press release Spiro and the organization will work to have any charges against the couple dropped.

A viral video shows part of the interaction between English and a Kenosha Police officer in the Kenosha Applebee’s restaurant.

It shows the officer forcefully arresting the man.

The officer thought that the pair was involved in a hit and run crash nearby on Highway 50.

The incident remains under investigation.

A 17 year old was in court Thursday accused of causing that hit and run crash in July.

The search for Jamonte Wright led officers to the Applebee’s where police detained the wrong suspect before Wright was found in the men’s room.

The crash happened July 20th on Highway 50.

Wright’s sedan reportedly crashed into an SUV causing it to flip over.

Witnesses said the occupants of the suspect vehicle fled the scene.

Once Wright was caught in the men’s room officers detected the smell of marijuana.

Wright is charged with hit and run involving injury.

He’s being held on a 500 dollar cash bond.