Covid-19 Cases Continue to Rise in Kenosha; Badger Bounceback Sees Setback

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)—Kenosha County reports 838 positive tests of COVID-19 as of Sunday afternoon, an increase of 27 since Saturday. The number of deaths is unchanged at 18. The county’s recovery rate-which is only updated weekly-is 48 percent recovered past 30 days. The county has had just over four thousand negative tests.

Wisconsin has 12-thousand five hundred forty three positive tests, and the hospitalization rate is at 16 percent of cases, as 20 new hospitalizations were reported Sunday. The state reports 453 deaths and 139-thousand negative tests.

The state has lost ground however on its “Badger Bounceback” goals, as now the state only meets three of the six gating criteria. The percentage of positive tests increased over the weekend, with more than 450 positive cases reported statewide on Sunday.