Many Kenosha residents and others across the nation were glued to the radio and television on election night, waiting for those vote totals. Whichever side you are on here, one thing is certain. NOBODY wanted to cook, my family included. So, delivery it was…fried chicken to be exact. Now, as we should, we opted for a local Kenosha restaurant as the chain store chicken can be a little tougher on the budget. I’m glad we trended there, because the battle at our house between Popeyes and KFC is more contentious than anything Trump or Biden can throw at us.  So, what was everyone craving during the vote counting? Google has reported their top searches on Tuesday night. They were “fries” and “liquor store.” I trust at this point liquor store may be still high on that list. The original Top Five Election Day searches according to @GoogleTrends included “Pizza Near Me,” “Chinese Food Near Me,” Liquor Stores Near Me,” Sushi Near Me,” and “Mexican Food Near Me.” The search for fries was later added to the list. Believe me, we weighed nearly all of those options. When this is all said and done…the election and hopefully the pandemic, I hope we all can take a moment or two to…well, did I mention liquor store?  In 2020, we may or may not agree on Trump or Biden, but I know most of us can vote for Henny Penny and some killer Mojos.

Bill Lawrence