Evidence in Victim’s Apartment Front and Center As New Week in Anderson Homicide Trial Begins

By Pete Serzant, WLIP News

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–The trial of Zachariah Anderson for the death of Rosalio Gutierrez continues.

On Monday, Kenosha Police Officer Jeffery Van Wie testified for much of the day.

The officer was questioned about evidence in Gutierrez’ apartment including the many blood stains left inside and even on the outside of the apartment door.

From the position of the blood stains, investigators reconstructed the type of assault that happened in the unit.

Prosecutors allege that Anderson killed Gutierrez in May 2020 despite the fact that his body was never found.

Anderson is charged with first degree intentional homicide, two counts of stalking, and hiding a corpse.

The defense has argued that the police investigation was not through and failed to follow up on several leads.