F.D.A. WARNING!! If you are allergic to seafood…DON’T eat Cicadas.

Wednesday, the Federal Food and Drug Administration warned that people who like to be adventurous and consume Cicadas, the insect that emerges from the ground on a regular 17-year cycle, should think twice if they are already allergic to seafood. Cicadas are a shrimp sized, beady-eyed bug that are being prepared by professional chef’s at restaurants and at homes in a variety of different ways this year. They are high in protein, gluten free, low in fat, and low in carbohydrates.

Insects and crustaceans, (lobsters, crawdads, shrimp, etc.) belong to the arthropod family. After further investigation by the F.D.A, people that have existing allergies to crustaceans may develop reactions to Cicadas and other edible insects.