Family Member of Woman Found Dead After House Fire A “Person of Interest” In the Case

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–A Kenosha man charged with battery to a police officer last year is now a suspect in a fire after which a woman’s body was found. 57 year old Lori Pizur was found dead in her Brighton home after the June 7th blaze.

However an autopsy revealed that she was likely dead before the flames were set due to lack of soot and other smoke damage in her lungs.

A 29 year old family member is now a person of interest in the case. He was arrested in Illinois just days after the fire and police say he had burns and cuts on his hands and elsewhere. Cell phone records indicate that he was near the area at the time of the fire and had been at the home earlier in the day.

Few other details have been released and the suspect is said to have been uncooperative with police. He’s due in court on the police battery case this week.

There’s no word on when charges in the fire or in Pizur’s death will be filed.