KENOSHA, WI—The Milwaukee man who allegedly hid the body of his deceased infant daughter will make his first court appearance today.

 Helize Frison was arrested last month after an extensive search of a wooded area near 50th street and 52nd avenue yielded no body but evidence that it had been hidden there.

Authorities say that 2 month old Jalisa Adams-Frison died accidentally in July but her parents failed to report her death to either family members or authorities. Her death came to light after family members became suspicious of her whereabouts and reported the situation to police.

Monica Adams, her mother, was charged in her disappearance last month. Frison was held on a probation hold and was officially charged on Friday.

He’s charged with failing to report the death of a child, hiding the body of a child, aiding a felon, and obstruction among other charges.