Fitzgerald working on school safety; Says Juvenile Justice Reforms Not Ready

MADISON, WI (AP)–Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he’s working on a school safety proposal that would send an undetermined amount of general tax dollars to schools.

Fitzgerald said Wednesday the money would be focused on improving the safety of school buildings and other facilities. Lawmakers have talked about giving schools money to spend on such things as locks, cameras and other safety features.

The Assembly approved making grants available to school to pay for armed guards.

But Fitzgerald says that’s never been a focus of the Senate.

Gov. Scott Walker says he will unveil a school safety package worked on with lawmakers before March 20.


Fitzgerald also says the juvenile justice overhaul plan that’s a priority for Gov. Scott Walker and that passed the Assembly unanimously is “not ready for prime time.”

Fitzgerald said Wednesday that not enough information has been gathered about the plan that would close the Lincoln Hills prison by 2021, move serious offenders into state-run prisons and place the rest under control of counties.

Fitzgerald says there are the votes to close Lincoln Hills but the question is what happens after that.

Fitzgerald says the negotiations to create the bill were “horrendous” and it “didn’t go through the right channels” even though Republican Sen. Van Wanggaard was involved.



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