Former Mayor Dickert Found Not Guilty of Disorderly Conduct

John Dickert, former mayor for the city of Racine was found not guilty of misdemeanor disorderly conduct by a Racine County District Court jury yesterday. Dickert was charged after a fistfight between 58 year old Dickert and now 20 year old, Christian Raynoso of racine, in the parking lot of the Mount Pleasant Piggly Wiggly grocery store back in March of 2020. The jury found Dickert not guilty of misdemeanor disorderly conduct by a Racine County District Court jury Wednesday.

Raynoso told police that he was…“in a hurry and driving fast” when he observed another man driving and videotaping him. The man was later identified as Dickert. Reynoso then pulled into the store parking lot and next to Dickert’s vehicle. Then, Reynoso said that he asked Dickert why he was recording him. Reynoso stated that Dickert got out of his car, approached Reynoso’s passenger side window, and leaned on the car. After Dickert walked around to the driver’s side, he stated, “something to the effect of ‘do you think you’re a tough guy?’” Reynoso then began to step out of his car, and Dickert grabbed him by the neck/throat area and pushed him. Reynoso said he responded by punching Dickert. He stated that Dickert also punched him.

Dickert stated that he observed a vehicle behind him at and “high rate of speed” and pulled into the parking lot and that Reynoso “pulled up next to him and gave him the finger” before both got out of their cars. “There was an exchange of words, and Reynoso threw the first punch,”.

Police noted that Reynoso had “bloody knuckles on his right hand and scratches/red marks on his neck.” Dickert was said to have, “blood on his clothes and a laceration on the left side of his cheek.”

Dickert was Racine mayor from 2009 to 2017 and is now an administrator with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.