Friday Headlines: Kenosha Mistrial; Woman Guilty in “Jane Doe” Case

KENOSHA, WI (WLIP)–A mistrial has been declared in the case of a Mequon man accused of killing a missing Kenosha man.

Zachariah Anderson is accused in the murder of Rosalio Gutierrez Jr in May of 2020.

The trial was set to get underway this week. However, a statement made by one of the witnesses to prosecutors was never shared with or discovered by the defense.

Lawyers felt that their case would not work based on that evidence.

A mistrial was declared with a new trial date set for late summer.

Gutierrez went missing in 2020 and his body was never found.

RACINE, WI (AP)–A woman accused of killing her housekeeper and dumping her body in a southern Wisconsin cornfield in 1999 has been found guilty of criminal charges.

A jury in Racine County on Wednesday found 66-year-old Linda La Roche guilty of first-degree intentional homicide and hiding a corpse.

For nearly two decades the victim was known only as Jane Doe.

Advances in DNA technology eventually led to her identification as 23-year-old Peggy Lynn Johnson.

She lived with La Roche and her family at their home in McHenry where she worked as a nanny and housekeeper.

La Roche was accused of physically abusing Johnson for years, which led to her death.