Friday Headlines: Tremper Power Outage; I.T. Shooting Threat “Unfounded;” Covid-19 Could Become “Endemic;” Drop Boxes Available For Primary

KENOSHA, WI (AP & WLIP)–A power outage and electrical issues left Tremper High School students and staff in the dark yesterday.

District officials consulted with the Kenosha Fire department and the decision was made to have the students bussed to Indian Trail to be picked up by their parents or guardians.

However the situation became complicated when an alleged threat of a school shooting was reported.

The district’s safety procedures were initiated and the threat was found to be unsubstantiated.

An alleged suspect was identified and no weapons were found.

No identification of that suspect was reported and things went back to normal after the threat was resolved.

Wisconsin’s top medical officer says COVID-19 could become endemic this year.

Department of Health Services Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ryan Westergaard still warned that case counts could periodically spike but the disease likely will reach a stage in 2022 where numbers remain fairly constant.

The term endemic is used to describe a disease as a regular part of a population, such as the flu.

The seven-day average of cases stood at 4,679 as of Thursday, compared with 18,857 on Jan. 19.

Some medical experts maintain that COVID-19 will never become endemic because the disease will be driven by new variants that can evade vaccinations and infect swaths of unvaccinated people.

Early voting for the February 15 Spring Primary is underway and Kenosha residents will have an additional way to return their absentee ballot.

The city is allowing the drop boxes outside the Municipal Building to be used for ballots thanks to a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that allows them for the primary.

The use of drop boxes is the subject of a lawsuit and is under review by the court. You can still request an absentee ballot and once completed must be returned to the city’s clerk’s office by 8 PM on Election Day.

If you’re going to mail your ballot the Postal Service recommends mailing it seven days in advance.