Full Report: Ryan’s Democratic Challengers Arrested

Paul Ryan’s Democratic Challengers were arrested yesterday. In Tweets Monday afternoon, Democrats Randy Bryce and Cathy Meyers were both arrested after a protest in Racine outside of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office. The protest had been in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival Program or DACA. People in the programs-known as the Dreamers-face deportation if Congress does not pass a law allowing them to stay. Some 690-thousand people-most of which came to this country illegally as children-signed up when the program was first enacted under former President Obama. However the current administration ended the program last year, with yesterday being the deadline for deportations to begin. That process has been delayed due to court rulings which are awaiting appeal. Bryce and Meyers want a bill protecting the dreamers to be introduced and passed, however Speaker Ryan and the rest of Congress has yet to do so. Ryan’s office was closed during the protest. The two democrats will face off in a primary this summer before the winner would potentially face Ryan in the fall.



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