Gas Prices Jump Again in Wisconsin and Illinois

(Chicago, IL)  Gas prices have jumped significantly for the 5th straight week on both sides of the state line. AAA says the average gallon of gas in Illinois costs $4.97, which is 18-cents higher than last week and 39 cents above the national average. Lake County has jumped the 5-dollar mark, increasing to $5.07 on average. In Wisconsin, a gallon of gas now stands at an average of $4.32, which is 13-cents higher than last week, but 26-cents below the national average. Kenosha County remains significantly higher than the Wisconsin average at $4.56. The gap between the Illinois and Wisconsin averages now stands at 65-cents, and the gap between Lake and Kenosha County stands at 51-cents.

Tim Vander Tuuk, WLIP News (5-20-22)